Research team

Current PhD students

  1. Tanguy Bosser. Neural temporal point processes (begun Feb. 2021, co-supervised with Tom Mens ).
  2. Victor Dheur. Uncertainty quantification in machine learning models (begun Oct. 2021).
  3. Sukanya Patra. Anomaly detection in image sequences (begun Nov. 2021).


  1. Natarajan Chidambaram. Predicting the Impact of Using Bots in Collaborative Software Development (begun Aug. 2021, main supervisor: Tom Mens ).
  2. Pooya Rostami Mazrae . Analysing the Socio-Technical Health of Workflow Automation (begun Oct. 2021, main supervisor: Tom Mens ).

Former researchers

  1. Hien Le. PostDoctoral researcher. Anomaly detection and federated learning (Jan-Jun 2023)
  2. Cameron Roach . PhD Student. Time series modelling and forecasting of disaggregated electricity data , (PhD, graduated 2020, co-supervised with Rob Hyndman ). Now a Senior Data Analyst with the Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victoria.