Research team

Current PhD students

  1. Tanguy Bosser. Learning temporal point processes with dynamic graph structures (begun Feb. 2021, co-supervised with Tom Mens ).
  2. Victor Dheur. Uncertainty quantification in machine learning models (begun Oct. 2021).
  3. Sukanya Patra. Anomaly detection in image sequences (begun Nov. 2021).

Co-supervised PhD students

  1. Natarajan Chidambaram. Predicting the Impact of Using Bots in Collaborative Software Development (begun Aug. 2021, main supervisor: Tom Mens ).
  2. Pooya Rostami Mazrae . Analysing the Socio-Technical Health of Workflow Automation (begun Oct. 2021, main supervisor: Tom Mens ).

Former postgraduate students

  1. Cameron Roach . Time series modelling and forecasting of disaggregated electricity data , (PhD, graduated 2020, co-supervised with Rob Hyndman ). Now a Senior Data Analyst with the Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victoria.